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Brass Scrap Metal Earrings

Brass Scrap Metal Earrings


These were made out of bits of scrap metal that I had laying around. Different textured brass with the signature connecting wire. Earrings measure approx. 3" Note: because this is scrap metal, there is some silver solder on the front, making for an inconsistent color (hence the lower price).

Brass Scrap Metal Earrings Image 2 Brass Scrap Metal Earrings Image 3
Vintage Shell SW Earrings
$100.00 — Sold out
Textured Crescent Moon Drop Earrings
$40.00 — Sold out
Crescent Moon Drop Earrings
Evil Eye Drop Earrings
Textured Silver Hoops
$50.00 — Sold out
Opalite Danglers
$40.00 — Sold out
Paua Shell Teardrop Earrings
$35.00 — Sold out
Paua Shell Hoops
$30.00 — Sold out
Amethyst Teardrop Earrings
$35.00 — Sold out
Blue Lace Agate Hoops
Bloodstone Danglers
$45.00 — Sold out
Moonstone Hoops
$65.00 — Sold out
Cry Bitch Fly Bitch
Sad Bitch Bad Bitch
Kingman Turquoise Insect Earrings
$85.00 — Sold out
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