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Stick Man Scrap Earrings

Stick Man Scrap Earrings

$20.00 — On sale

These were made out of bits of scrap metal that I had laying around. Different textured brass soldered together. Note: because this is scrap metal, there is some silver solder on the front, making for an inconsistent color (hence the lower price). These measure approx. 2.5"

Stick Man Scrap Earrings Image 2 Stick Man Scrap Earrings Image 3
Labradorite & Silver Tear Drop Ring
$75.00 — On sale
Moonstone Space Queen Cuff
$120.00 — On sale
Striped Agate & Silver Drop Earrings
$60.00 — On sale
Double Blue Chalcedony & Silver Ring
$50.00 — Sold out
Brass Scrap Metal Earrings
$20.00 — On sale
Morenci Turquoise Double Band Ring
$75.00 — Sold out
Onyx & Sterling Space Ring
$60.00 — Sold out
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